October 2014

I'm excited to write this post about the talented Harrison Blackford. Let me backtrack a little before I show you all the amazing work she has created. Recently, in May, I attended the Southern C here in Charleston. At one of the events, I was approached by a lady who asked, "Are you Danielle Betras' cousin." Once the words came out of her mouth, my mind started racing, and once she said who she was, I had a flashback to this little girl that would have play dates with my cousin. I learned that she was an artist back in

Here we are week two! I made some progress because I've been a crazy lady on the hunt! In case you're just popping in for the first time, here's what I'm working on, a Little Boys Bedroom So, I've been shopping, every day, literally, all over town to find what I need for this room. I found lots of dressers, agonized over them for two days and finally went back and bought the one I felt was right. Below were my choices. I went with the last option because I love the shape of this piece and the hardware. It's already painted,

Happy Tuesday friends! I have so many projects coming up that I cannot wrap my brain around them all. Lots of coffee, creative thinking and falling asleep at night before my head hits the pillow. But, that's ok, I like it that way! Anyway, I wanted to share some items that have been catching my attention lately because I think they're worth checking out! I need these doors in my life! I love the simpleness of this kitchen, and I, of course, CANNOT get enough of the white and gold! I want to create this dresser. I have seen so many people do

I'm excited to introduce Kristin from Bliss at Home! I discovered Kristin through Instagram. Then, I had the pleasure of meeting her at Haven. As curious as I am, I of course needed to know more. So, I asked her to join me for "coffee" and the questions and answers began. I loved reading this and getting to know her, and I hope you do too! Q. Your work is amazing & I know you have a background in art & design. Is that what you studied? I started out as a Journalism major, believe it or not. If you read

I absolutely loved participating in the last One Room Challenge (here's my big guest bedroom reveal), so when I saw another one was about to start, I immediately jumped on it. Why? Because it's so stressful, it's fun. ;) And, two, because my poor youngest son's room needs some major loving. Here are some items that are catching my attention. Cost wise they're not in my budget, but I need inspiration and this works! So, I started this room almost two years ago when Channing was still in a crib. The wall detail was done and painted white. Then, I painted

I am VERY excited to be doing a nursery for someone else rather than myself! This will be my first nursery to add to my portfolio! The client wanted navy, gray and white. So, we started down that path. Then, in the middle of discussing it, she decided white and rustic. I had some ideas in my head, but like always, I perused my Pinterest board to get more inspiration. Before I show you what I'm thinking about putting together, let's start with the before shots of this bedroom. Oh, and did I mention she already has some pieces,