September 2014

I'm excited to be a part of this series with my amazing friends! So, to start off, let me be honest. Decorating for fall is a little hard for me because Charleston doesn't exactly see a fall. It stays in the high 70's - 80's here until mid October sometimes November. But, I'm really ready for cooler weather and lately we have actually had it, which was a nice break from the heat. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and pumped myself up for fall. First, I decorated my porch because I love sitting out there and watching the boys ride their

OK, this is going to be fun, friends. You know how I really drug my feet into fall decorating (I just FINALLY decorated our front porch, which you can see here.) Well, here is some extra motivation. A few blogger friends of mine and I will be sharing our decorated homes and our favorite fall accessories to help you prepare for the season. As with my coffee series, I know you will enjoy reading each of their posts in this Autumn Blog Hop. I hope you will join us! We are starting our blog hop today, so get ready for

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan at Haven in Atlanta this past summer. So, like I did previously when meeting all these great bloggers, I went home and started to read her blog. Not only does she have a blog about home decor, fashion and organization, she has a blog about food and fitness! She is as sweet as can be, her home is fabulous and she motivates me to work out and try and eat better when I read her posts. So, come sit & enjoy a fun read! Q. Prior to Honey We're Home, what did you do? In

Fall is here! Well, not in Charleston but in most other places around America. Honestly, getting motivated to decorate for fall is low on my priority list because the weather is still high 80's and hot. I kinda feel like scrooge! It was time to quit my pouting, get my thoughts together and head over "to the place where everyone knows your name." No, y'all not Cheers, even though a cold beer wouldn't be terrible. (P.S. It's 7pm on Thursday night when I'm writing this) The other place

One of my favorite & first DIY bloggers and home designers that I discoverd is Kristin @ the Hunted Interior. Her style is unique, and I love how she knows when/where to splurge on the right decor items. I also love that she works side-by-side with her main man. This is something we have in common as many of you know, my hubby and I tackle many home renovations together. I might be a tad better than he is, though, with the sander. ;) So, let's get to know Kristin. P.S. That's not coffee in her mug. Read on to find

I had the pleasure of meeting Karianne from Thistlewood Farms at the Haven Conference I attended this summer. I admit I did not know her or her blog at the time. We met, exchanged cards and when I finally settled back home I went through my cards and started reading hers. I was hooked! I loved her rustic home, her creativity & her sense of humor in her posts. I read her "about" page but still felt like I wanted to know more about this insanely talented DIY blogger. I bet you're curious about her, too. Grab that

Y'all let's start with the fact that I LOVE a screen porch!!! It can truly be an extension of your home. One free extra room, yes, please! So, when I began this project, I started with the master bedroom, then we moved to the den and next was the screen porch. (Side note: I am SO sorry that I don't have any before pics & definitely even more sorry that I don't some of the pieces we painted.) :-( My client has a very large space. It's a typical rectangle. When I started there was nothing on it but a grill. We began