June 2014

What can I say about Danielle Oakey? It's clear to me that I absolutely love her style as I have so many things that she likes and blogs about! What's interesting about her is that she focuses on designing on a budget. We all know I am a sucker for good deals, so it was very fitting to ask her to be a part of my Guess Who's Dropping in for Coffee series. I was THRILLED when she said yes. So, let's get to know Danielle!! Q: I know that you went to school for Interior Design. What would you say

You may remember I talked about a guy named Peyton Avrett several months ago, and if you are new to my blog, here's a refresher. Our local Charleston talent always amazes me, and Peyton can top the list!! I'm always blown away at his latest pieces he displays on Instagram and would like to take each and every one of them home with me. I'm not kidding. Just. Ridiculous. I decided to put some of them on display so you could love them as much as me! Here are my Friday Favorites!! ;) And, here's Peyton (don't get excited, ladies, he's taken!!!!!) He

I have a TON of paperwork that I need to keep organized. From real estate contracts, to decorating contracts, plans, etc, you get my point. I have a TERRIBLE habit of creating piles, like the kind that make your husband crazy because he can't find his stuff because it could possibly be in your pile kind of piles. :-| So, on my last trip to Atlanta, I of course had to do a quick run through Ikea's marketplace to snag a couple of items. This Kvissle magazine rack caught my attention. I brought it home and

Good morning! I'm excited to introduce Abby Manchesky from Abby M Interiors. Abby was actually one of the first designers I followed when I joined Instagram. I cannot remember how I discovered her, but I was glad I did. She has a great eye, and I enjoyed seeing her projects! One of my non-design "likes" about this woman is that she does it all with two boys in tow! (Ha, sounds like me.) So, grab your cup of joe, and join me for a fun read! Q: Did you study Interior Design? If not, what did you do previously, and

Are you considering listing your home on the real estate market and wondering what things you 'may' need to address first? Perhaps you are in an older home and question larger repairs, refinishing floors or bathroom/kitchen remodels, or maybe you are in a newer home thinking about minor repairs or updates. If you've owned a home and considered selling it, this has surely crossed your mind. Let me address a few important items. First, let's have a conversation about your home. Every house is different. Every neighborhood. Every street. The bones of your home may be perfect but the interior

Good morning! I'm excited to introduce another amazing guest to my "Guess who's dropping in for coffee" series. I had the pleasure of meeting Julianne Taylor of Taylor Burke Home at The Southern Coterie Summit this year. She told me about her boutique furniture company and that her studio was located in Mount Pleasant, SC. What?!!??! I live in Mount Pleasant, and I had no clue! So, after a fun lunch when I learned so much about this amazing woman, she allowed me to come over, interview her and snap some photos of her beautiful pieces. So, grab a cup

Remember the other day how I mentioned I may have gotten a little spray paint happy? Well, here's another project that I worked on. This one has been on my to do list for 6 months and I wish I had a reason or excuse why it took me so long to do this easy project but I don't. First, find inexpensive glass vases. Hobby Lobby from time to time will have 50% off glass vases and you cannot forget the trusty Dollar tree which is where I got the vase I used. Then I used painters tape

I discovered Celine and her amazing blog Aquahaus during the One Room Challenge. Instant love for her awesome style and fabulous Austin, Texas, life. When she agreed to join me in my "Guess who's dropping in for coffee" series, I was stoked. I was even more in awe and excited when I read her answers below. She kinda rocks! So, grab your morning cup of joe - or whatever you choose - and join me for a good read! Q. You're in the medical field? What do you do? I'm an oncologist (cancer doctor). I treat patients with cancer, primarily breast cancer. Q.

So, this past weekend, I may have gone overboard a little with my gold spray paint. I was just in the mood to paint something so I did! I actually surprised myself with how much I ended up liking my last minute, wing it, DIY project. Come check it out! First, Let's talk about the DIY planter that I attempted to create. I began with a flower pot from lowe's, some gold and white spray paint. I began by spraying the container white. I then used painters tape to cover the planter to spray the lip and the bottom.