April 2014

OK, now it's going too fast for me! If you missed week 1, week 2 or week 3 - check them out! I'm disappointed to say I don't have anything exciting to show this week. The biggest change is the new windows. It is so much brighter and fresher now in this room! It's amazing how much light can change a space. Below is the before: My painters pushed us back to Friday, which stinks because I will be on my way to New York City with some girlfriends. So, I will have to wait until Sunday to make

Week 3. I mean, half way there, already? I'm not even doing that large of a project, but I am stressing, second guessing my picks and pacing by my room at all hours of the day! Well, if you missed week 1 and week 2, check them out. So, I was able to cross off a couple more items off my list. 1. Headboard 2. Nightstand 3. Rug 4. Dresser 5. Curtains 6. Bedding 7. Seating 8. Pillows 9. Accessories 10. Art 11. Lighting (lamp and overhead) 12. Paint or Wallpaper Oh and let's add new windows to that list - whoop whoop! We had always planned on changing out the

Happy Friday, y'all! I cannot wait for the weekend!! There's a lot of work happening around the house, I have to show property, but I also want to enjoy some sunshine and fun like my little man here. Today, wallpaper is being installed, and I cannot stand the anticipation. I keep walking down the hall and checking every 5 minutes to get a glance. Yes, I need to go to the coffee shop a couple of doors down to get out of the way of my wallpaper hanger. (Is that what they are called?) I better Google that

I know you've seen this style all over the place lately as it's not new. But, it's still fabulous, and I, along with many others, love spotted fabric. Some call it dalmatian (for obvious reasons), while others simply refer to it as "spots". No matter the name, I have been on a mad search for it! I need this printed fabric for two items: My One Room Challenge and a fantastic settee that I need to re-upholster for a client. I keep going back to these images for my inspiration because I love the look of the spots as they

I was perusing Instagram when this One Room Challenge logo popped up in my feed. I was immediately curious about it and had to learn more because my love of decorating and challenges goes hand-in-hand. Did you see my last designer's showcase challenge? As I began to read, I noticed there was an option to join and link-in with other designers. And, so my new challenge begins! I have six weeks to complete a room, and I must update my readers weekly with my progress. I needed this motivation as we are in the middle of adding a bathroom to this