January 2012

We are in the process of finshing a small bathroom renovation.  My goal was to do it inexpensively- Lowe's tile, etc.  Well, I was struggling because nothing really jumped out at me.  We did get our floor tile from there large 18 x 24 (I think that was the size) and had them cut into a rectangle and they really turned out great.However, I could not find a shower tile that I loved so I decided to go to a tile store here, Buckhanon Brothers Tile and found a phenomenal selection. Yes, it was much more pricey then Lowe's but was

This post probably should have been the start of my blog but better late then never.  Some of my friends know of this project but other readers may not and I wanted to pay homage to my first project that I jumped into not knowing anything!When people heard that my husband and I bought this home they thought we were nuts and for me I think I was just naive and I'm glad I was because it made this project a great learning experience and adventure. I truly cannot say what I had envisioned and all I had was a set of

The exterior of a home is just as important to me as the interior of a home.  I have to say my latest obsession is finding a new front door.  I love when I show properties and the front door is great- the planters, wreath or whatever else they have accessorizing the entrance is just right, it makes you so excited to see the inside- it's almost like opening a present!My door is this red/orange color and lacks a wow factor.  This simple one story ranch needs a wow factor.  So my first goal is to get a new front door!