November 2011

Every weekend I keep saying I'm going to make it to a garage sale and of course I never do!  However, some time ago, I did have a friend call me from a garage sale asking if I wanted a pair of end tables for $10- he sent a picture and I said, "sure for $10 why not?"  I didn't realize some time later that this would be a great addition/investment for our new home.  Of course I don't have the before picture but picture a blonde pine and brass handles- that should give you a good idea.   So the sanding

I wish I could remember all the lyrics but I'm having a serious moment of blankness! So I did what the song said and began my shopping for wallpaper.  We are not talking floral wallpaper with a matching boarder- I'm talking about the return of the Grasscloth wallpaper and yours truly got sucked in and has taken the leap to put it on the walls of my dining room.  I just received it today and it is going up on Monday!  Cooper was just as excited to see the UPS truck as me. I had not planned on doing any wallpaper in

Do you remember these tables?  Like I mentioned before, my father in law came in town and I let him work on these to see if this would be something he would enjoy.  He had a good time and I just learned he is working on another piece- so much fun! The picture of the final results are below.  There are so many way to redo furniture but in order to create the look on the side tables the first and most important step was to sand of the previous lacquer. Then he used Milk Paint that I found downtown

I'm so excited to finally have the new design on the blog!  It suites me perfectly because I have to say that the colors are my true go to colors!I have to thank Kerry at Design Muse in Asheville for her great talent and of course my fabulous friend Jenn Simpson for helping me re-name the blog.  I also need to thank my friend Ashely Jolly at Obviouslee Marketing for her feedback and support.  I love these girls!So now that I've got these changes made I feel super inspired to get some great posts, that I've had in draft mode, on the