October 2011

I had the pleasure of having coffee with my fabulous friend Joy Lang at our favorite Starbucks the other morning.  She is this sassy, southern doll with a go-getter attitude and this insane talent for being super creative. She came from a small town called Hawkinsville in GA but has made a big city impression on me with her talent for redoing furniture.  She like me is a realtor and has a serious passion for décor.  I’m so happy we crossed paths because she has inspired me so much and has introduced me to other avenues on decorating!

I’m super excited that I have my in-laws in town this weekend to help with a couple of important things.  As I mentioned before, my father-in-law is an antique dealer in Greenville, SC and he has been curious about distressing furniture.  So I’m going to let him have a go at it on two end tables that I have that need a makeover.  I’m nervous and excited because I bought milk paint which is made for this type of project and I have yet to use it. I cannot wait to see the results-stay tuned for the reveal next week!

Charleston is hands down fabulous to me- I mean I live here, that must mean something right? I was super excited when I saw that we received the #1 spot for top cities!  We beat San Francisco which I must say, if we ever moved to the west coast aka left coast I would choose San Fran as home.There are so many things that make this place great!  For example, the beaches, the history, the night life, the shopping and most importantly the people.   I can truly say we've found our home.  We are blessed to be surrounded by so

As I slowly renovate the home I feel that the furniture needs an update too.  But of course that requires spending money that wasn’t added to my renovation budget.  So to make some things happen I’ve started to sell my furniture. I’m a vendor at a little shop here in Mount Pleasant called Chic Antique.  I have a talented friend (who will be a guest on my blog) that has shown me how to re-invent my old furniture into something very vogue right now- distressed furniture!  I love doing it, even though finding time is a bit of a challenge,

As I look through the before pictures of our kitchen I cannot help but chuckle to myself. I remember a girlfriend of mine coming over because she was dying to see it, she walked in and saw the kitchen, looked around and all she could say is “uh-huh” over and over again. I tried to explain to her what it was going to look like but she still could not get over the electric blue kitchen cabinets, yes I said electric blue- here’s the picture to prove it. If anyone has ever seen the Carolina Panthers football teams colors

I have watched all of her series from Design Inc, to Sarah's House and now Sarah 101 and this has been only in the past 5 months. I never knew she existed and one day got lucky to see her show while working at home with HGTV playing in the background, yes I am talking about the talented Sarah Richardson. She has fabulous style, is funky but also mixes in classic. What I ADMIRE and LOVE about her most is that she is shown shopping at places like Lowe's. That makes me smile because as I work on

I have been EXTREMELY behind on blogging and now that Susan, my partner in crime, has moved on to another career, it's up to me, YEP, just me to keep this business going! I wanted to get back out there but in a different way. It's good to know what's going on with the local real estate, what's selling, what's not, is it time to buy, should we wait