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The Playroom Reveal

Good morning friends! This post has been very over due! It was a labor of love and in love is what we are with this space. When we bought our home 5 years ago, this space was an old attic with low ceilings. We ripped off the roof, raised it and created a fun space for our boys. This room has hosted sleepovers, movie nights and fun play dates. When they come home ...

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Creating a gallery wall

I really love the trend of gallery walls. No, not trend because gallery walls have been around a long time, but more so the one's that are mixing items vs. all art or photos. Do you know what I mean? We had a gallery wall above my sofa for a long time. Twelve 8x10 photos of the kids and the family lined up symmetrically. Then I changed paint colors and the wall no longer worked. I took it ...

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DIY Christmas card display holder

I LOVE Christmas cards, especially the photo cards. This year, and last, and the one before I have ordered our cards through Minted. I love their selection and quality. And, this years cards are just as good if not better. I mean gold foil? Done! Not to mention they were already addressed when they arrived at my house. Total win here! Since I love photo cards so much, I always try to display them in a cute way. ...

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DIY Rustic Chandelier

Recently I reveal my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. But one thing I wanted to share was how I created this chandelier. Sorry for the bad pic, it was hard to take at night. I went to Home Depot and bought the following items. 1 brass loop 1/8F IPS 4 5-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS 4 10-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS 2 9-inch brass pipe 1/8F IPS 5 Keyless sockets 660W-250V 1/8-27 CAP 4 5 1/8F bottom X 1/8F side 90 deg. straight armback elbows 1 4-hole 1/8 sides x ...

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Transitioning the Porch to Fall & an Easy DIY

Fall is here! Well, not in Charleston but in most other places around America. Honestly, getting motivated to decorate for fall is low on my priority list because the weather is still high 80's and hot. I kinda feel like scrooge! It was time to quit my pouting, get my thoughts together and head over "to the place where everyone knows your name." No, y'all not Cheers, even though a cold beer wouldn't be terrible. (P.S. It's 7pm on Thursday ...

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Haven Was the Place to Be!

As many of you know from my Instagram feed, I was at the Haven Conference last week. I got the chance to put a lot of amazing faces to names at this huge DIY blogger conference in Atlanta. I also learned a lot about how to network with brands, how to write posts that y'all would enjoy reading, and a good amount about photos (which I know you guys love) thanks to Instagram. The sessions were great, the sponsors were ...

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DIY – Gold Starfish Coastal Art

So, this will be my last post - for now - of my out of control weekend with the gold spray paint. I wanted to create some fun items for my booth. I probably have not mentioned to y'all, but I have a small retail space here in Mount Pleasant at Southern Accents. I sell furniture, accessories and decor. They are things that I make, reupholster, paint or buy from my vendors. It keeps me busy! Moving on! I decided to ...

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Ikea Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack Hack

I have a TON of paperwork that I need to keep organized. From real estate contracts, to decorating contracts, plans, etc, you get my point. I have a TERRIBLE habit of creating piles, like the kind that make your husband crazy because he can't find his stuff because it could possibly be in your pile kind of piles. :-| So, on my last trip to Atlanta, I of course had to do a quick run through ...

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DIY gold striped vase

Remember the other day how I mentioned I may have gotten a little spray paint happy? Well, here's another project that I worked on. This one has been on my to do list for 6 months and I wish I had a reason or excuse why it took me so long to do this easy project but I don't. First, find inexpensive glass vases. Hobby Lobby from time to time will have 50% off glass vases and you cannot ...

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A quick and easy DIY gold planter

So, this past weekend, I may have gone overboard a little with my gold spray paint. I was just in the mood to paint something so I did! I actually surprised myself with how much I ended up liking my last minute, wing it, DIY project. Come check it out! First, Let's talk about the DIY planter that I attempted to create. I began with a flower pot from lowe's, some gold and white spray paint. I began by ...